Laser blood vessel removal

Are you suffering from vascular diseases and blood flow disorders? Have your blood vessels become visible? Do your legs ache?

If your answers are positive, then, you need vascular treatment or laser removal procedures.

The most popular procedure of blood vessel removal is removal with the help of intense pulse light or laser. The effect is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis, that is why blood vessel removal is performed without damaging the surrounding tissues. Effectiveness of the treatment depends on several factors.

First, it is the color of the blood vessel. This means that blood vessels of different colors are removed with different lasers. What is suitable for red blood vessels will not be effective for blue blood vessels. Red blood vessel removal is performed with intense pulse light or a laser, whose wavelength is adjusted to oxyhemoglobin.

In the picture below you can see the absorption coefficient of oxyhemoglobin (marked with a red line), depending on the wavelength.

Laser, whose wavelength is 1064 nm (ND: YAG laser), is the most suitable for blue blood vessel removal.

Another aspect is the skin color. The better the contrast, the better the result of blood vessel removal. It is better not to perform the procedure on the tanned skin.

Blood vessel calibre also affects the effectiveness of the procedure. Influence on the result has a very thin vessel, or if the vessel’s caliber is above 2 mm.

Vessel removal procedure is not time-consuming. The procedure causes little pain, discomfort; however, it does not require anesthesia. During the procedure, it is necessary to wear protective glasses.

Discomfort is minimized after the procedure. It depends on the procedure’s scope and chosen method. After the treatment you may feel slight swelling, or redness, which quickly pass away. You should follow all the instructions of the doctor; also avoid using harsh facial cleansers and sun protection products. Sometimes, several treatments are necessary, but after the first procedure the patient can see a positive result. After the laser procedure it is advisable to avoid direct sunlight and not to visit solariums for about 1 month.

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