Nail fungus prevention and disinfection


Cutasept Feet is a special spray for disinfecting feet, footwear and instruments.

Formalin solution – a toxic liquid that kills fungal spores. Formalin-soaked cotton swabs are placed in footwear, the footwear is placed in a polythene bag, the bag is tied and kept for several days (not in living areas, e.g. balcony). The footwear shall then be aired out.

UV lamp (Sterishoe) used to disinfect footwear – UV light kills fungal spores. Strerishoe – UV lamp for shoe disinfection


  • Replace old shoes and socks with new ones. Old shoes and socks can be infected with fungal spores. If you don’t have the option, disinfect your shoes with special products (see disinfection) and wash your socks at a very high temperature (boiling water) and iron them with a flat iron.
  • Nails should be short, dry and clean. Cut the nails short, in a straight line, removing any squamous masses. After washing, wipe and dry hands and feet thoroughly. Don’t forget the interdigital area, as the fungus ‘likes’ a moist, warm environment.
  • Wear suitable socks and footwear. Cotton socks are best. Change them often, especially if your feet sweat profusely. Take your shoes off more often during the day and when exercising. Change from closed shoes to open shoes. Avoid wearing shoes that are too small and tight, as any damage to the toenails makes it easier to catch fungus.
  • Use antifungal preparations. Regularly spray the feet and the inside of the shoes with the product, and apply special creams to the feet, toes, and insoles (advise your dermatologist).
  • Do not cut or scratch the cuticles around the nails. Any damage to the skin or nail can facilitate the entry of the fungus.
  • Regularly inspect the nails, feet and interdigital area. If you notice any suspicious changes, contact your doctor. Early infections are easier to treat than persistent ones.
  • Do not go barefoot in public damp places. Wear flip-flops or special shoes in public swimming pools, saunas, showers and changing rooms.
  • Do not share shoes, socks, nail care products with other people.
  • Choose a reputable manicure or pedicure salon. Make sure the salon sterilises instruments properly.
  • Do not polish nails. Nail polish prevents moisture from evaporating, which promotes the development and spread of nail fungus.
  • Wash your hands after contact with infected nails.
  • Clean bath and shower with bleach 1 pk/sw. Wash the bath mat in hot water.
  • Control chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, peripheral arterial disease, boost immunity.
  • Stop smoking.
  • If you notice nail lesions or images resembling the pictures of nail fungus shown above, contact your doctor as soon as possible for appropriate treatment. Once the infection has spread, it is much more difficult to treat.